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The revolutionary Marvel Bishoujo Collection, combining the beauties of the Marvel Comics universe with traditional Japanese stylings, continues with two versions of one of the most popular super heroines of all time: the Phoenix and Dark Phoenix! An elemental force of fire and life, the Phoenix found a suitable host template in Jean Grey, the X-Man known as Marvel Girl.

When Grey seemingly sacrificed herself to save her teammates, the alien entity took her place and started a whole new heroic chapter in the saga of the Phoenix. Later pushed over the edge by those who sought to control her, she unleashed her full power to become a force of nature in the Dark Phoenix, one of the mightiest individuals in the universe. Now for the first time ever, both versions of the character are presented in the Japanese Bishoujo (pretty girl) style based on original character art by illustrator Shunya Yamashita.

Phoenix is the most dynamic Marvel Bishoujo beauty yet! Floating down out of the sky, she rests on one foot in a magnificent base consisting of a swirling cyclone of flame. With her leg pointed and her arms above her head, the Phoenix is stretched to show off the amazing curves of her slender body. Sculpted by Koei Matsumoto, both Phoenix statues are constructed of high-quality pvc plastic and stand approximately 9 inches tall (in 1/8 scale, along with the other Marvel Bishoujo statues).

Dark Phoenix takes the heroic statue and kicks it up a notch! With an alternate costume in brilliant metallic red and gold, the Dark Phoenix looks too hot to handle. Translucent materials used on various body parts and the flame base further add to the perfect likeness and essence of the character, as does the wicked grin on her Bishoujo-styled face.
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