Product Description

Continuing the series of Marvel Comics super heroines presented in the Japanese Bishoujo (pretty girl) style is Black Widow, the beautiful Russian super-spy and member of the Avengers. This original design has been specially created by the incomparable illustrator Shunya Yamashita! Fans should be familiar with Yamashita-sensei's style as Japan's leading Bishoujo artist, from his art books, video game work, as well as multiple figural collaborations with Kotobukiya.

Deadly and dangerous, Black Widow stands provocatively atop a specially-designed base, wearing her trademark bodysuit. The shiny black outfit accentuates every curve and the long lines of her legs, which end with stiletto heeled boots. Hugging Natasha Romanoff's waist is a stylish belt adorned with her red hourglass symbol, and on her arms are golden wristbands. As the sexy spy whips around to look behind her with a pistol at the ready, her intricately carved hair floats in the air behind her.
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